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The Brothers Bear Podcast LIVE Episode 115: Wondercon 2105 and Ryan Reaves

June 26th, 2015

What’s “In the Bag” for Episode 115: "The Brothers Bear Podcast; Stuff that you should know daily, we bring it to you weekly." Mrs Buckles was an evil teacher. Sanch shares his stories of getting in trouble at school for no reason. Parents won't believe the kids. Ryan Reaves (@double_r713) joins us in studio. Crocodile-mile!! Carlos gets beat for no reason. "Lady teachers doing it with male students?... Nice!" Our Wondercon 2015 Recap. Pee-wee can do what he wants, its a free country! We list the Best and worst Denzel Washington films with Ryan Reaves, and Schweddy's Song of the Week. 


A Comedy Show where 2 Brothers talk about everything from Movies, Cartoons, Video Games, Comics, TV, Music, and everything else Entertainment. They are joined by their friend Schweddy every week.

Hosts: Santos "Sanch" Medrano, Carlos Medrano, and Edgar "Schweddy" Lombera