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The Brothers Bear Podcast LIVE Episode 113: and they call it Puppy Love

April 14th, 2015

What’s “In the Bag for Episode 113: Brothers bear Dogcast. Forget high chairs, it's about riding low. Our love for freestyle ‘80s music. Carlos has some sad news to share. It's national Puppy day. Schweddy runs over a cat on Friday the 13th. Carlos' story of when he ran over a dog. Sanch can't stop laughing. We discuss Adam Sandler's best and worst movies of all time. Blame it on the burrito. Kevin James replaced Chris Farley. Punch-Drunk Love is an underrated film. The death of a turtle, Schwedy's special Song of the Week. Tom Delonge joins us in studio (You really need to watch us live find out what's in the bag).


A Comedy Show where 2 Brothers talk about everything from Movies, Cartoons, Video Games, Comics, TV, Music, and everything else Entertainment. They are joined by their friend Schweddy every week.

Hosts: Santos "Sanch" Medrano, Carlos Medrano, and Edgar "Schweddy" Lombera