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The Brothers Bear Podcast LIVE Episode 108: SHRIM!!!!!

April 14th, 2015

What’s “In the Bag” for Episode 108: Sanch’s Spider-man shirt. Schweddy runs late. Jurassic Park in the studio! Shout out love to our Mom, the real valentine. It's Valentine not Valen-times. The Deeters review Grand Budapest Hotel. Kirby (@kirbycam) returns to the show after 2 years. Sony shares Spider-man with Marvel. Marvel Civil War is the real Civil War! BABADOOK! Spider-man rebooted again. Oprah almost killed Wolverine. Sexy time with Kirby. “It's not every day you see titties.” Kirby’s Movie Review that goes nowhere, and Schweddy’s Song of the Week. 


A Comedy Show where 2 Brothers talk about everything from Movies, Cartoons, Video Games, Comics, TV, Music, and everything else Entertainment. They are joined by their friend Schweddy every week.

Hosts: Santos "Sanch" Medrano, Carlos Medrano, and Edgar "Schweddy" Lombera