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The Brothers Bear Podcast BEST OF Episode

May 30th, 2014

What's "In the Bag" for this Episode: It's the Best of the Brothers Bear Podcast. 

A Comedy show where 2 Brothers talk about everything from Movies, Cartoons, Video Games, Comics, TV, Music, and everything Entertainment. They are joined by their friend Schweddy every week. Santos "Sanch" Medrano, Carlos Medrano, Edgar "Schweddy" Lombera

The Brothers Bear Podcast NOT Live Episode 82

May 23rd, 2014

What's "In the Bag" for Episode 82: A sexy intro. An awesome digital short. Schweddy loves disco. Sanch was almost in "Good Burger". Stupid Sanch forgets one important thing. An old shoutout returns. Carlos gets scared that fans listen. Mickey Mouse, Y U NO Cheap. Sad animals. We try to explain Frozen in Once Upon a Time. Schweddy talks "Escape from Tomorrow". "You see what you get, warriors? You see what you get when you mess with the orphans?". Schweddy gets in trouble for watching a YouTube video. Carlos' Movie Review on The Grand Budapest Hotel, And Schweddy's Song of the Week


The Brothers Bear Podcast NOT Live Episode 81

May 16th, 2014

What's "In the Bag" for Episode 81: Sanch ruins the intro. Sexy voices. What would make cholos cry. Sanch predicts the future and might have killed Michael Jackson with a Drawing. We talk Michael Jacksons's new Album. Bjork makes music better for Carlos. We remember Scatman John. Schweddy rants about the release of Michael Jackson's new cd. Mad Tv Finally makes Sanch Laugh. Key and Peele came from Mad tv? Schweddy goes Blu-ray shopping. Get Schweddy to the Greek, and Our Thoughts on the New Batman.


The Brothers Bear Podcast NOT Live Episode 80

May 5th, 2014

What's "In the Bag" for Episode 80: SPOILERS! HUGE, HUGE SPOILERS in this Episode. So please take this warning because we spoil the hell out of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It's a full detailed review, but before that, We talk about J.J. Abrams and his sneaky way of teasing the audience. "May the Fourth be with You". Sanch shares where his love for Star Wars came from. The Worst/Funniest story of all time, and a special "Song of the Week" from Carlos.